The Top 4 Reasons You May Be Motivated to Move

The Top 4 Reasons You May Be Motivated to Move

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moveLike the old Byrds song says, “To everything there is a season,” and at some point in just about every homeowner’s life, they will be motivated to move into a new phase and will make the decision to sell their home. There are many reasons someone makes the choice to move, but there are 4 common considerations that are true in most situations. Will your home be one of the nearly 5 million to sell this year?

Financials First

Probably the most important factor homeowners consider when deciding to sell is their personal finances. Unforeseen changes in income or unfortunate circumstances can turn your world upside down, and selling your home to get out from under the weight of a complicated mortgage, to repay outstanding debt, or to eliminate the financial responsibility of property taxes and maintenance can do wonders for helping to get back on your feet. Alternately, some homeowners find themselves in the position of being able to capitalize on some instant equity if a sharp increase in local home values has put them into a hot “seller’s market.” Many long term homeowners even bank on the equity of their properties to fund their retirements.


Ready to Relocate

With one of the most fluid job markets in history, a promising upturn in the economy, and easy means of communication, relocating for work, school, or pleasure is at an all time high. Many employees decide to change locations to follow a good job opportunity or to advance their careers. Also, neighborhoods and communities seem to change on a weekly basis, and many families decide to sell their homes to pursue either a more serene, suburban lifestyle, or to engage in a more culturally diverse, urban landscape. Many home sales annually reflect this desire for a change in locale.


Moving on Up

Until recently, most first time homebuyers were couples or those with small families that purchased “starter homes,” complete with compact floor plans and in affordable neighborhoods. As these families expand and become more financially stable, they may decide to “move up” to a newer or bigger home with more upgraded features and in a more desirable area. Also, as the economy continues to rebound, many people that were forced into a rental situation during the real estate bust are now finding themselves in a position to try homeownership again.


Life’s Changes

As we advance through the phases of life, our needs and desires in a home change. If you purchase a home before starting a family, adding children to the equation typically requires more space or maybe a move to a different school district. Also, more families than ever before are embracing the benefits of multi-generational lifestyles, inviting grand- and even great-grandparents to share a larger homestead. Finally, older adults find that there are tremendous benefits to unloading their larger “family” homes for properties like condos that typically have lower property taxes and maintenance costs and commitments.


Is it Time to Sell?

If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home, the experienced professional staff at Win Win Fast Property Solutions can help. With no commissions, fees or closing costs to worry about, there won’t be any waiting or uncertainty when it comes to selling your home quickly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you move onto the next step in your life!

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