Homebuyers: Find and Make the Most Out of Open Houses

Homebuyers: Find and Make the Most Out of Open Houses

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If homebuyers are interested in buying a house a good place to start is by attending open houses in the area that you desire to live in. Even if you just starting to contemplate homeownership, seeing what is available on the market can be a fun way to spend an afternoon dreaming.

Here is where homebuyers should look so you know where the open houses are occurring and how to make the most out of them.

Scour the Internet

A simple internet search for open houses in your area will return plenty of options for you to consider. There are also multiple real estate sites that provide you with the capability to search for open houses in specific geographical locations. There are also apps that you can use for this same purpose so you can search on the go.

Social Media

You can find just about any information that you want on social media now. A quick Instagram search of open houses in your area will result in listing photos for houses that are having open houses.

Or, use your favorite social media platform to follow several real estate agents. Agents that understand the importance of marketing and the incredible reach of social media are posting open house dates and locations to help spread the word.

Follow the Signs

It may seem old school, but if you drive around you will notice the signs for open houses posted in your area. The week of an open house a sign should be put up in the yard showing the date and time when you can stop by to see the house.

Stop at a Real Estate Office

If you are not already working with a buyer’s agent stop into a few offices to see if they know of any upcoming open houses. This will be a good way for you to get a feel for the agency and decide if you want to work with one of their agents. 

Taking Advantage of Open Houses

Attending open houses can be fun, but also time consuming. Here are a few ways homebuyers can get the most out of your time there.

Have a Plan

The weekends are popular times for open houses to occur. If you are going to be stopping at several locations, plan out your day to get the most amount of stops in. Know what you are looking for in an open house. If you get to one and can tell right away that it isn’t a good fit for you, don’t waste your time.

Take Pictures

If you have ever been in the process of buying a home before you know it is easy to get confused about which house had which feature. Taking photos starting at the exterior of the house and then of the inside will help you to be able to look back through the houses later to make comparisons.

Look at the Neighborhood

You might fall in love with the house, or you might realize it isn’t the house for you; either way you should also take a look at the neighborhood. If you like the house you will want to make sure you like the area. If you don’t like the house you can decide if you still want to look in the neighborhood or scratch it off your list altogether.

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