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The Ins and Outs of the MLS

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // September 11, 2017

If you are in the buying or selling process you have most likely heard of the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a lot more than a simple way to search for houses on sale. Here are the ins and outs of it all. History of the MLS Nowadays when we think of […]

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Understanding APR When Buying a House

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // September 4, 2017

One of the first things you should be doing during your home buying process is finding a good mortgage lender. When you start talking to lenders, you will most likely start hearing the term “APR.” Knowing what APR is and how it applies to your mortgage will help you when you start comparison shopping loan […]

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Open House Tips for the Homebuyers and Sellers

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // August 28, 2017

A house won’t sell if no one is looking at it, this is why showings are a crucial part of the sales process. As a seller, you want to see a lot of potential buyers showing up at your door either through an open house or with scheduled showings. As a buyer you want a […]

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The Basic Steps of Home Selling

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // August 21, 2017

There is a lot of information available that can make selling a home seem like the most complicated process ever. If you are contemplating the home selling process, it can feel overwhelming to navigate the information to see step-by-step what you need to do. While the home selling process can be made to sound complicated, […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Rental Property

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // August 14, 2017

A rental property can make a great addition to any investment portfolio. If you purchase the right property you will not only receive monthly income, but the property will also appreciate over time. Some investors choose to stay away from rental properties because of all the horror stories of the nightmare tenants. However, these cases […]

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How Credit Cards Can Stop Home Sales

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // August 7, 2017

You may use your credit cards to pay for nearly everything, but did you know that your credit cards may be working against you? If you’re trying to buy a home, it may be time to rethink your credit card options. In the past, mortgage loans were sold through a secondary mortgage market, which would […]

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Don’t Give in to These 5 Common Fears of Home Buying

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // July 31, 2017

Deciding to become a first-time homeowner is a big decision. The process of home buying may seem overwhelming and there are a lot of unknowns. Some people give in to the fears of home buying and decide to remain lifelong renters. While there is nothing wrong with renting a house, there are many advantages to […]

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How to Tell when it’s Time to Sell Your House

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // July 24, 2017

It is true that the majority of people do not plan on living in their house forever. Most homeowners know that at some point or another they will want or need to move. However, the majority of homeowners are also attached to their homes. If you are one of those people, it can be hard […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Title Insurance as Homebuyers

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // July 17, 2017

There are a lot of things that you need to consider as you buy a house and title insurance is probably one of the last things that you want to worry about. It might seem like an insignificant part of the closing process, but title insurance can be something that makes or breaks your sale. […]

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What to do When You Are Denied a Mortgage

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // July 10, 2017

The last thing that any homebuyer wants to experience is being declined for a mortgage; it can feel like your dreams are being crushed. But don’t get discouraged, as there is still hope. Many times if one lender denies a homeowner, they are still able to get approved by others. Your first step is finding […]

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