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How to Host a Deal-Winning Open House

Posted by Anthony Watts // March 22, 2018

open house sign

There’s a never-ending debate about the effectiveness of hosting an open house when you’ve decided to list your home for sale. According to a 2015 survey by the National Association of Realtors, only 8% of home buyers found the home they ultimately purchased through a yard or open house sign.  Still, when you’ve decided to […]

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Why Does Curb Appeal Matter

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // February 9, 2018

curb appeal

Being proud of your good-looking home isn’t only something to brag about around the water cooler, it can also be what makes or breaks the sale of your property when you decide to list it. According to the National Association of Realtors, 63% of homebuyers scheduled viewings of properties based on their impressions from the […]

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How Zillow’s ‘Zestimate’ Might Be off the Mark for Pricing Your Property

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // December 21, 2017


When it comes to determining the sale price of your home, there’s a sweet spot somewhere between starting too low and pricing too high that will look just right for buyers, but that will also ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. Determining the Fair Market Value of your property and listing appropriately […]

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2018 Real Estate Trends that Could Impact Your Sale or Purchase

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // December 14, 2017

real estate trends

As the year draws to a close and the prospect of turning a new leaf looms in the air, you may find yourself in the position of making the decision to sell your home. Where do you even begin? What considerations need to be made to ensure a smooth listing and transaction? It turns out […]

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Financial Fixes: 3 Ways to Boost Your Budget and Take Back Control

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // November 16, 2017


For just about everyone, there comes a point where unfortunate outside influences or poorly implemented decisions have a major impact on personal finances. In an American Psychological Association poll, more than 64% of Americans reported that money woes top their list of stressors, more so than work, family or even health issues. What can you […]

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The Top 4 Reasons You May Be Motivated to Move

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // November 9, 2017


Like the old Byrds song says, “To everything there is a season,” and at some point in just about every homeowner’s life, they will be motivated to move into a new phase and will make the decision to sell their home. There are many reasons someone makes the choice to move, but there are 4 […]

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Buyers Beware? Home Inspection Flags that Will Keep Your Home from Selling

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // October 16, 2017

home inspection

  Receiving and accepting an offer for your property is an exciting step toward closing the deal, but unless the property is listed “as-is,” most offers to purchase will be contingent on the house successfully passing a home inspection. While homeowners can do a lot in terms of maintenance, repairs, or cosmetic updating, a home […]

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Thinking of Selling? The 5 Best Repairs to Make Buyers Bid

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // October 2, 2017

home repairs

If the time has come to sell your home, identifying problem areas might require looking at the property with a fresh perspective. While it may have seemed like a good idea to hang tropical wallpaper in the guest bath, such a particular taste might turn prospective buyers off. Even if wrestling the old bedroom window […]

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Homebuyers: Find and Make the Most Out of Open Houses

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // September 25, 2017

If homebuyers are interested in buying a house a good place to start is by attending open houses in the area that you desire to live in. Even if you just starting to contemplate homeownership, seeing what is available on the market can be a fun way to spend an afternoon dreaming. Here is where […]

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1031 Exchange Rules For Real Estate Investors

Posted by Melissa Osorio Franzen // September 18, 2017

Taxes are one of those things that the majority of people, including investors, just accept and pay. However, there are many deductions and tax credits that can help investors keep more of their hard earned profit in their pockets. If you are investing or thinking of investing in real estate, the 1031 Exchange Rule is […]

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