Thinking of Selling? The 5 Best Repairs to Make Buyers Bid

Thinking of Selling? The 5 Best Repairs to Make Buyers Bid

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home repairsIf the time has come to sell your home, identifying problem areas might require looking at the property with a fresh perspective. While it may have seemed like a good idea to hang tropical wallpaper in the guest bath, such a particular taste might turn prospective buyers off. Even if wrestling the old bedroom window open isn’t such a bother for you anymore, buyers will notice mechanical issues like these and wonder what else is wrong in the house. On the other hand, going overboard on improvements can be a waste of money if you invest more than the value can support. How can you identify which home repairs will provide the biggest bang for your buck?

#1: Bathroom Updates

The best return on repairs in the home is found in the bathroom. Simple fixes like replacing caulk around the sink and tub can work wonders to make the space look cleaner. Also, installing updated accessories like matching towel holders, a new faucet, and even a new light fixture can really serve to modernize the room. Finally, fixes like a new coat of paint, a tub re-glaze, or even removing dated shower doors can give the impression of a remodel with far less investment.

#2: Landscaping

The old adage about first impressions is just as true when it comes to selling your home. The first idea prospective buyers will develop about the property and its maintenance is formed by how well the yard is kept. Trimming back overwhelming greenery can do a lot to frame the home and grounds, as can replacing overgrown shrubs with focal features like flowering foundation plants or those of varying heights and colors. Finally, replant any bare patches in the lawn or consider laying out a new carpet of sod, and fix any trouble spots in the drive or walkway.

#3: Minor Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home, and any repairs or cosmetic upgrades here will encourage buyers to bid when you’re selling your home. Consider re-facing dingy cabinets or sand and repaint doors and drawers with more modern finishes. Also, adding a backsplash above countertops can provide a more durable finish and a higher-end look for buyers. Finally, consider updating appliances if your set is outdated or mismatched. Trendy finishes include stainless and slate, and a starter set can be purchased for under $2,500.

#4: Improve the Exterior

When identifying which home repairs go the furthest in improving a property, never underestimate the value of a fresh coat of paint. Even a simple change like painting the front door or shutters a complementary color, or changing the trim to a color that better accents the body of the home can freshen the entire façade and make your property more interesting to buyers. Also, consider removing dated elements like awnings or metal railings.

#5: Got Space?

If your home has ample attic space or a clean, dry basement, consider finishing the areas to add livable square footage to your home’s bottom line. An extra bedroom, office, or family room can be very desirable to buyers with larger families or those looking for more room, and the increased area can also improve the fair market value by making it comparable with larger homes in your area.

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